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Retiring From Flash...

2009-11-10 22:44:41 by PatrickM60

Since I have pretty much completely lost interest in programming, I will no longer be making flash games. All production on any unfinished games will seize.Instead I will be entering a pre-med track and pursuing a career in anesthesiology. My last and final game will be Color Maze.I will keep this account as well as my website up and running.

Thank you to all who took the time to play my games. Goodbye Newgrounds.

Other News:

-11/09 - Color Maze will release sometime this month! All production on other games has halted.
-(12/09-????) - PatrickM60 Flash Games shuts down

Collect It!

2009-07-05 21:21:40 by PatrickM60

I've been working on a new game called "Collect It!". The game is based off of the "Icepop frenzy" series. However, "Collect It" will have an infinite amount of levels, a highscore system, an achievement system, and a powerup system.Hopefully, if all goes well, it will be released in 2 weeks (I only work 3 hours each day on my games lol)

Other News:

6/30/09-Stated "Color Ball Finale" engine in AS3! AS3 is amazing!
7/5/09- "Collect It!" announced!(Also in AS3)
7/9/09-"True or False 5" and "Color Ball Finale" in production while i ponder of how to make "Collect It" more fun.

Collect It!

New Game (No title yet)!

2009-04-09 15:13:07 by PatrickM60

I've decided to make "Color Ball Finale" eventually,but not now.

Instead, i am going to make an RTS game. Unlike most RTS games, this game will cycle through War Periods,Golden Age Periods, and Pandemic Period. War will not be the only aspect emphasized. Players will make choices about how to run their castle and have the option to declare war (the computer will also have a choice to declare war).

Players will also make political, and economic decisions which impact the way the game plays out. The objective of the game will be to keep your empire stable and not destroyed.

Battle Music: Stormy Seas by DavidOrr
Golden Age Music: Still Choosing

Percent Completed: 15%


Sorry for bad quality

New Game (No title yet)!

Color Ball Finale!

2008-08-09 21:38:00 by PatrickM60

After the failure of Color Ball 3, I have been thinking that I should probably make a new color ball game. "Color Ball Finale" will be built on the very successful "Color Ball 2" with new abilities,ball colors, power balls(Magnet Ball, Vaporizer Ball etc...),Particle Effects(Learning Now),Field Enhancements(Lazer Fence,Ball Banks), Random Events(In-game mini games).

Since it's in the planning stage, I'm taking any ideas you might have!Just post them in this Post!


Other News:
8/9/08 -- I have redesigned the homepage of my website
8/25/08-- Color Ball 3 Released click here to play!
9/20/08-- Color Maze Source found!
9/24/08-- Color Maze BETA is up click
10/19/08-- Color Maze BETA over
10/19/08-- "Flash Cards" BETA test up Click Here!
11/8/08-- Color maze almost done! (Approx. 95%)
1/27/09 --Wow have i procrastinated! Color Maze is now one month behind schedule, but i have finished it today. It is now pending sponsorship

The Sponsor Blues

2008-05-09 22:45:51 by PatrickM60

Ahhh. Sponsors aren't replying to my emails.Sorry, but i am going to have to push back the release date of color ball 3... again.

"Color Ball 3" 90% done!

2008-04-10 18:12:32 by PatrickM60

Color Ball 3 is about 90 percent done. I plan to have it finished by April 12th and then it should take a week to find a sponsor. Heres a screen shot below (it got a bit distorted)

Awesome!!! User of the Day April 13th, 2008.

"Color Ball 3" 90% done!

Color Ball 3.

2007-10-14 11:00:40 by PatrickM60

Started working on color ball 3 today. It should be done in about two to threemonths.
What to expect:
- New powerups(Color chooser, Slow Mo, Omega Ball, an more)
- More colors
- Choice between classic color ball(color ball 2 style) and new color ball.
- Challenge Modes (e.g: The inviso ball challenge)
-and more...

got ideas? leave a comment!

Also im starting a new color series "Color Maze" it will be in production at the same time as "Color Ball 3." So hopefully by 2008 ill have them both released!

screen shot Below(it got a little bit distorted from the conversion from PNG to JPEG):

Color Ball 3.

Color Ball 2 Front Page!

2007-10-10 18:03:10 by PatrickM60

Color ball two is finally released! Look! It made the front page with daily 5th!

Getting Sponsored!!

2007-09-28 18:52:30 by PatrickM60

Woo! Color ball two is getting sponsored by crazymonkey. My first sponsored game!

waiting on a sponsor.

2007-09-07 21:37:41 by PatrickM60

I will release color ball two the second i can get a sponsor.